Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Met Gala 2012

I may be a day late and a dollar short (maybe a few more) , but I have an opinion too dammit! Let's jump right in.
Solange Knowles killed it!
Get a gander at that arm. Her bracelets are by Lady Grey Jewelry and yes I am obsessed. Solo's look was flawless, and my fav of the night.

Another one of my favs was Rooney Mara. There could not have been a better pairing than Rooney in Givenchy. It's like the perfect marriage without all the weird shit behind closed doors. The grass really is greener on the other side of that fence. Sheer perfection.

I can't say I was all that impressed by the rest of the Met attendee's this year. There were quite a few questionable looks. I'll spare you from the rant about sicko and barbie arms (still love 'em but...yeah). 

I'll exit with...

Oh, Anja. Here's hoping hips do in fact lie. 


  1. LOL @ "I'll exit with"! DEADETH.

    Solange, DID IT in that yellow! I loved it!


  2. Hahah this is so funny.

    I never did a Met post, but if I did I'd want to intro it just the way you did.

    I LOVE seeing how everyone has such a different take on the fashion decisions.

    You're right - the marriage of Mara and Givenchy is perfetto. The way the bottom of the dress is designed is so visually intriguing.

    Teally like this blog, glad I found it. Are you on Bloglovin'? I'll go check.


  3. Lovely looks and Solange looks stunning! Thanks for sharing. P.S.- I'm also hosting a giveaway at the moment and invite you to enter if you'd like :) Check It Out Here.

    xo Lindsey
    Complacency Kills 

  4. My favourite is the Rooney Mara's Givenchy! :)