Monday, September 17, 2012

Dare to Wear Commes des Garçons

No one is touching Taylor Tomasi Hill in the style game, as evidenced by her effortless ability to rock these Commes des Garçons shorts from the Fall 2012 runway at NYFW.

"Who do you know, who do you know??"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paper or Plastic?

I never thought I'd see the day when the bags I carry groceries and tomorrow's lunch would be dipped in leather and deemed chic. End times? Perhaps. I spotted the corner store shopper early 2011. It was designed by LA based designer/art director Hassan Rahim for Cast of Vices and it retails for just under $200. I think it's a pretty ill handbag, but I wouldn't oppose going down to the local bodega and filling it up with a 6 pack goodies. Purchase at

I've been obsessing over the Jil Sander bag since seeing it on the Men's Fall/Winter runway earlier this year. I browsed the net for a knockoff something similar and found some good contenders. It's a  gnarly bag, great for storing all types of things (if you only knew what I was thinking)... I also saw some lame interesting DIY bags. I'm now convinced Jil Sander wants to encourage the crafty cathy in us all as evidenced by this other very popular DIY. Unfortunately my crafty cathy has broken both arms, so yeah. You can get your hands on the actual bag for a cool 630 smackaroos at

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fall 2012 Couture Style Stars

Vika Gazinskaya, Miroslava Duma, Ulyana Sergeenko, Elena Perminova, Fall Couture 2012 by Mr. Newton

I feel like there needs to be one of those style quizzes to accompany this photo, "Which Couture style star are you?" or something along those lines. I can't seem to decide whose getup I dig the most at this moment.  Which style star are you? 

Check out more Fall Couture 2012 street style at Harper's

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mirror Mirror on Your Face...

...Who's got style, and who's got grace?  You, me, and she the mirror said. That is, if you're rocking what we are. Follow me? 

A. "Crap Nuddie Mag" sunnies from B. "Round sunglasses w/mirrored lens" from C. "Spitfire Babet in Black & Gold Frame/Blue Mirror Lens" from D. "Round Sunglasses with Metal Bridge Detail and Revo Lens" from  E. "Colored plastic wayfarer sunglasses with revo lens" from F. "The Human Fly - Gloss White w/ Green Reflective Lenses" from

*Bonus/Splurge to get sunnies like this chic lady shop

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm a jumper girl. Mostly because I like to stuff my face with foods that have strangers running up to me with questions about when I'm due. NAGL when you're not really expecting. Jumpers take care of that. You can literally have your cake, pie, cool whip, candy bar, soda, beer, wine and eat it too! Now, imagine all of that with a little bit of leather...

Not quite the kink I know you had in mind (not judging), but leatheralls! Get. IN. These were seen at Phillip Lim's 2013 resort presentation, and yes they are the I really dig how they're styled, and I will be experimenting very soon...

To see more of Lim's Resort looks head over to

Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Stripper Shoes

I haven't blogged in so long that this feels sort of foreign. I don't know what to say. Really, I don't. So instead of saving this to my many many drafts due my lack of intelligent things to say about pretty much anything, I'll go ahead and tell you about my latest obsession, clear stripper shoes. We all saw this trend emerge on the runways of spring 2012, and I'll admit I wasn't really digging it. I just couldn't picture my big ass feet in clear shoes. It also took me back to 'the summer of 94 (I think) when I damn there died because my 2nd pair of  smelly jellies had fallen apart as I was running down the stairs. I'm sure I'll see that story on Spike TV real soon. These shoes have grown on me. I think my big ass feet could be happy in them after all.  Peep below.

Jeffrey Campbell Soiree, my pick for the baller on a budget aka ME!

3.1 Phillip Lim Cody d'Orsay Heels. Enter Gwen Stefani Rich Girl chorus.

Loving these Aquascutum oxfords

I can few the summer dew between my toes already (EW!) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Met Gala 2012

I may be a day late and a dollar short (maybe a few more) , but I have an opinion too dammit! Let's jump right in.
Solange Knowles killed it!
Get a gander at that arm. Her bracelets are by Lady Grey Jewelry and yes I am obsessed. Solo's look was flawless, and my fav of the night.

Another one of my favs was Rooney Mara. There could not have been a better pairing than Rooney in Givenchy. It's like the perfect marriage without all the weird shit behind closed doors. The grass really is greener on the other side of that fence. Sheer perfection.

I can't say I was all that impressed by the rest of the Met attendee's this year. There were quite a few questionable looks. I'll spare you from the rant about sicko and barbie arms (still love 'em but...yeah). 

I'll exit with...

Oh, Anja. Here's hoping hips do in fact lie. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer Style

Dree Hemingway's Coachella Mulberry BBQ pool party ensemble has the wheels spinning. Yes, the print reminds me of a kitchen towel set from Ross (sorry Dolce & Gabbana), but the silhouette is what I'm loving. I kinda want to trot around the city in a bustier and belted midi poplin skirt the whole summer. Aside from the chili cook off apron print, I really dig this look. I will be recreating this silhouette along with this one from the same runway all season long.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Problem Solved

Please See Figure 1

Here's how I did it:

Play around with the boa for the desired effect. It took me a little while, but I finally got it.

AND I managed to keep all my limbs in tact =D

This won't be the last you see of these.... Stay tuned!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Robz Sweatshirt

I like going out and dressing up, but 99.9% of the time sometimes I prefer to lounge around the house in a sweatshirt. The warmer weather is upon us (well in TX), so sweatshirt days are pretty much over. Le Sigh. Not to worry, the Fall 2012 collections provided awesome sweatshirt options for next go round. These ain't your brothers old digs either. These things are damn there wedding appropriate.

Balenciaga, Givenchy, Francesco Scognamiglio, Celine, Parabal Gurung

Wedding Crashers sweatshirt edition starring Robz Sweatshirt donning the finest space age King Tut sweatshirt money can buy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rapper Style

Italian Vogue says rapper style is making a comeback next season. Interesting... In any case, does this mean I can replicate this Veronica Webb Elle cover look + pose in every photo?


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not a Pastel Gal

I dig the soft sorbet palette of spring 2012, but I must admit I'm not a pastel kinda gal. I am just now making a real effort to break out of my all black everything wardrobe... I think pastel's summon a certain type of woman; a sugar and spice and everything nice kind of a girl. I'm more of a liquorice, and rum, and dance to the beat of my drum kind of a girl (yes, I just made that up lol). I could never pull it off. The one article of clothing I do own in a softer shade is my beloved pink pouf. It's a darling full midi skirt that I plan on pairing with a bralet of sorts this spring. You know we liquorice girls have to find some way to slut up an outfit.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I love the Nineties

90s CK ad

I'll admit I'm having a full on nineties moment. I realize it's the least appreciated decade, but I would be lying if I said I hated it. I was born in the late mid eighties, but I consider myself a nineties kid. I didn't really get a chance to experience nineties fashion at an age where I was able to purchase my own clothes, so blame it. I imagine being twenty...something at the height of the supermodel, and taking all of my cues from Naomi & Kate. I imagine hauling my backpack purse to countless ATCQ shows and music fests, and pissing my neighbors off as I blast All I Wanna Do for the umpteenth time on a Friday evening. The Life...

Anthony Vaccarello

Alexander Wang


3.1 Phillip Lim

The Spring 2012 collections were filled with small nods to the nineties. Designer Phillip Lim said, "I'm a child of the nineties. Your references are what you grew up with." While I'd like to forget JNCO jeans ,and scrunchies count me in for nineties chic minimalism a la CK and sexy, sleek dresses reminiscent of the late great Gianni Versace. 

I guess I can halt the production on  that time machine. For Now...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crazy Cat Eye Lady

Aside from having light sensitive eyes, sunnies are essential to my everyday ensemble. They are the one accessory that I will go home to retrieve if ever forgotten. But not any frame will do; I have penchant for  exaggerated cat eye sunnies. I have been rocking them for a couple of seasons now, but it seems they have really caught on with the everyday woman (antifash speaking). Although I would like to splurge on this pair and that pair, I also enjoy eating more than just Ramen noodles every meal. The appetite always seems to win.

You can find most of these sunnies at, with the exception of the top and bottom right pair (links provided).

Oh, and they are all under 50 bucks ;-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Chic Meet Street

As we know high fashion is often inspired by street style, and vice versa. I've realized over the years that  the mix between the two is what I fancy the most about fashion. It's something that not too many people understand enough to execute properly.  I guess it's why I love both of the beanies featured here. The first one was seen in the Jil Sander Spring 2012 collection, and has since been mastered by every DIY fashion blog for well under the $440.00 asking price. I love a veil on anything, so count me in. The second beanie is by street wear brand SSUR.  I typically don't like this type of play on brand names because I think it's stupid and unoriginal; simple enough explanation. I do, however, really dig this beanie.  It is the perfect example of high fashion inspired street style, and has become increasingly popular since being spotted on rapper A$AP Rocky in 2011.

Visit to cop the beanie

Visit to cop be notified if the Jil Sander beanie will be restocked... or DIY like the rest of us.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Read a Handbag

While some of you are nose deep in 50 shades of grey (side-eye), I'm looking to join the book club that hosts the likes of Shala Monroque, and Natalie Portman. Well it isn't a book club per se, but a type of handbag that binds them (Ha ha I'm here all night). These small bags are made to resemble classic book covers.

Designer Olympia Le-Tan produces 16 of each bag, making this book club of sorts very exclusive.  

Check out more of these hardcovers handbags at

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Able Kane

I have been obsessing over both these items by Christopher Kane for a while now. I had the dress in my office for a couple of months, but it was sadly taken away earlier this week. At first sight I thought it registered Lil Kim circa 1999 which I happen to enjoy, just not my personal style. I watched as it was styled with different pieces and it really became this wonderful dress that I could totally see myself rocking. I'm a sucker for a long sleeve dress that hits right below the knee, It seems to be a silhouette that works well for my body. The dress touches on a trend that's been holding on for the past few seasons; peek-a-boo lace. I think it can be hot if executed properly. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable without a slip underneath, but I'm sure someone would go for the gold and rock it butt ball naked. I just hope she is paid handsomely. The dress alone commands at least a grand...

The bag reminds me of those super cool folders I loved so much in the 2nd grade. I want to collect them all.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

La La La La La


Lifted from

Mercury Retrograde & The Antifash

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde (click on the link if you are unfamiliar)  which sort of means clumsy and accident prone people like myself will be even more clumsy and accident prone, and the rest of you will just be the first degree of clumsy and accident prone, follow? I was supposed to complete and present a DIY project here in a couple of weeks but yeah, I think I'll wait until the retrograde is over (4/4). I just don't want to risk chopping my arm off or anything in the process. I've been wanting to do this for the past 3 months, I just never had the time or nerve. Imagine....

Gotta love flash cards. I'm excited to see how the shoes turn out.

They won't have the fabulous cape like the Simona, so like the true math wiz I am I forgot a step (yikes!). I hope it doesn't make too much of a difference ;-)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspired Piece: Delfina Delettrez


Delettrez for Couturelab

I'm a huge fan of Delfina's pieces, but my pockets just aren't deep enough to put a purchase on anything... Yet. I copped a couple of the ASOS gold rings over the weekend, and I am excited to see how they look!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pack Light

As a girl who doesn't pack so light I'm not sure what I could squeeze into these itty bitty Chanel bags. I adore the metallic backpack which begs the question, are the back pouches back? I've been rocking this Gucci one on bike rides, but I wouldn't mind downsizing to one of these, gifted of course lol.

View the entire Chanel Fall 2012 collection + these bags at

Rick Owens Readin' Bitches

Watch + Listen + Learn

The song is by Zebra Kats, and has apparently become the unofficial theme song of Paris fashion week since being heard at Rick Owens.

I live.

For a little history on reading visit Youtube.

Blue Beauty

Stella McCartney's Fall 2012 show was filled with fabulous cobalt blue threads, but the clothes weren't the only thing in the cool hue. Famed makeup artist Pat McGrath coated the models lashes with blue mascara to follow suit. The rest of the face was kept neutral, allowing the eyes/lashes to really be the focal point. As a lady who likes to keep a simple face, I think these lashes are a perfect way to add a wow element without having to really change the makeup routine. Count me in on this trend.

View the Stella Fall 2012 collection + more of the blue beauty's at