Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paper or Plastic?

I never thought I'd see the day when the bags I carry groceries and tomorrow's lunch would be dipped in leather and deemed chic. End times? Perhaps. I spotted the corner store shopper early 2011. It was designed by LA based designer/art director Hassan Rahim for Cast of Vices and it retails for just under $200. I think it's a pretty ill handbag, but I wouldn't oppose going down to the local bodega and filling it up with a 6 pack goodies. Purchase at

I've been obsessing over the Jil Sander bag since seeing it on the Men's Fall/Winter runway earlier this year. I browsed the net for a knockoff something similar and found some good contenders. It's a  gnarly bag, great for storing all types of things (if you only knew what I was thinking)... I also saw some lame interesting DIY bags. I'm now convinced Jil Sander wants to encourage the crafty cathy in us all as evidenced by this other very popular DIY. Unfortunately my crafty cathy has broken both arms, so yeah. You can get your hands on the actual bag for a cool 630 smackaroos at

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