Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Ok ok, I don't hate the guy. I just don't agree with what he's doing at YSL and I want him to leave.

Take a walk with me for a sec... You're asked to house sit one of the sickest houses on your block- a historic landmark. You've stalked loved this house since you first laid eyes on it, so needless to say you're stoked. The owners are cool and even allow you to have a few guests over while they're away.  Do you:

A.) Throw a $450,000 crack party while painting the house black, then burn it to a single ash?

B.) Have a few guests over making sure to tidy up after they leave?

C.) Write Redrum on each of the doors with your finest rouge so they know it's real?

Now doesn't A seem eerily similar to what's going on right now at YSL?

I don't have a problem with this "grunge/rocker chic" 90's resurgence. I welcome it. The fall 2013 collection wasn't the worst I've seen, however it did not speak to the classic YSL woman we all know and love (and still exists). This new "Saint Laurent" is such a far departure from the apparent vision Yves had for his brand that it's disrespectful. I'm here for subtle changes and updates to a namestake, but I will not celebrate shitting on a legend. 

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