Thursday, March 15, 2012

Able Kane

I have been obsessing over both these items by Christopher Kane for a while now. I had the dress in my office for a couple of months, but it was sadly taken away earlier this week. At first sight I thought it registered Lil Kim circa 1999 which I happen to enjoy, just not my personal style. I watched as it was styled with different pieces and it really became this wonderful dress that I could totally see myself rocking. I'm a sucker for a long sleeve dress that hits right below the knee, It seems to be a silhouette that works well for my body. The dress touches on a trend that's been holding on for the past few seasons; peek-a-boo lace. I think it can be hot if executed properly. I personally wouldn't feel comfortable without a slip underneath, but I'm sure someone would go for the gold and rock it butt ball naked. I just hope she is paid handsomely. The dress alone commands at least a grand...

The bag reminds me of those super cool folders I loved so much in the 2nd grade. I want to collect them all.

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  1. Aah the wonders of Christopher Kane, the dress is amazing.