Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mercury Retrograde & The Antifash

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde (click on the link if you are unfamiliar)  which sort of means clumsy and accident prone people like myself will be even more clumsy and accident prone, and the rest of you will just be the first degree of clumsy and accident prone, follow? I was supposed to complete and present a DIY project here in a couple of weeks but yeah, I think I'll wait until the retrograde is over (4/4). I just don't want to risk chopping my arm off or anything in the process. I've been wanting to do this for the past 3 months, I just never had the time or nerve. Imagine....

Gotta love flash cards. I'm excited to see how the shoes turn out.

They won't have the fabulous cape like the Simona, so like the true math wiz I am I forgot a step (yikes!). I hope it doesn't make too much of a difference ;-)

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