Monday, March 19, 2012

Chic Meet Street

As we know high fashion is often inspired by street style, and vice versa. I've realized over the years that  the mix between the two is what I fancy the most about fashion. It's something that not too many people understand enough to execute properly.  I guess it's why I love both of the beanies featured here. The first one was seen in the Jil Sander Spring 2012 collection, and has since been mastered by every DIY fashion blog for well under the $440.00 asking price. I love a veil on anything, so count me in. The second beanie is by street wear brand SSUR.  I typically don't like this type of play on brand names because I think it's stupid and unoriginal; simple enough explanation. I do, however, really dig this beanie.  It is the perfect example of high fashion inspired street style, and has become increasingly popular since being spotted on rapper A$AP Rocky in 2011.

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Visit to cop be notified if the Jil Sander beanie will be restocked... or DIY like the rest of us.

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