Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not a Pastel Gal

I dig the soft sorbet palette of spring 2012, but I must admit I'm not a pastel kinda gal. I am just now making a real effort to break out of my all black everything wardrobe... I think pastel's summon a certain type of woman; a sugar and spice and everything nice kind of a girl. I'm more of a liquorice, and rum, and dance to the beat of my drum kind of a girl (yes, I just made that up lol). I could never pull it off. The one article of clothing I do own in a softer shade is my beloved pink pouf. It's a darling full midi skirt that I plan on pairing with a bralet of sorts this spring. You know we liquorice girls have to find some way to slut up an outfit.

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